Our Farm

Our farm has grown over the years, so while my dad is pretty good with chickens since he has been around them his entire life, he readily admits that he couldn’t manage cattle or any other animals quite as well. That’s why all the land around our ranch that is not being used for the chickens is being utilized by my uncle who owns an organic dairy and who also raises sheep and beef cattle. We even let another organic farmer raise potatoes and other vegetables on part of our ranch, which means that pesticides, herbicides, and other nasty chemicals are never even setting foot on our farm.

So while my dad’s focus is on raising really good chickens who lay really good eggs, our ranch is much like you would have seen 50 years ago when most ranches had a little bit of everything. The only difference is that now instead of one person doing everything kind of well, there are experts each doing one thing very well.

Our farm has grown over the years, but our sustaining principle of taking care of the land, the animals, the people, and the customers holds as true now as when my dad first started.

To see hear about all of the cool stuff that we are doing on our farm check out our Blog.