The Lowdown on Laying

It’s funny how kids start to change your outlook on life, because after having four boys, my mom started to get interested in feeding me and my brothers organic food. This led her to ask my dad why we didn’t produce any organic eggs.

My dad promptly replied that we pretty much raise our chickens organically already, but we didn’t have a good source of organic feed. However, in 1995 that situation was remedied when he found a reliable source of organic feed and soon after, we became the first certified organic egg producer in California. Since my mom came up with the idea for an organic egg, or perhaps my dad thought it was a sign of endearment, he decided to name our organic eggs after my mom, hence the name "Judy's Family Farm."

Being the first organic egg producer in California opened up a lot of opportunities for my dad to sell eggs up and down the West Coast. However, he chose to stick to Northern California because he firmly believes that perishable products should be produced and sold in a local market. That way customers are always getting a truly fresh and local food source. In fact, my dad was sustainable before it was a thing (a total hipster, I know).